Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Specialized temporary staffing services…

Webuild offers temporary staffing services to organizations working in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. Allowing employers, the ability to analyze the fit between an employee, job and organization before making the commitment to permanently hire.

Our temporary staffing services are structured around your specific requirements; whether for a short term assignment, long term contract or a temporary-to-permanent hiring solution. Webuild handles all the recruitment, candidate screening, interviewing, reference checking, medical compliance, training and payroll for all employees we place within your organization for a set period of time.

Utilizing our proven recruitment methodologies, we work with you to identify the specifics of the position, employment responsibilities and experience requirements. Once we have a firm grasp on your organizational needs; only then do we begin the process of marketing the position to potential candidates through our extensive network and proprietary databases.

Over the years we have developed 1000’s personal relationships with individuals performing infrastructure development, engineering and working within the environment that gives us a unique ability to rapidly identify, qualify, and screen the highest quality candidates working within the industry today.

Through rigorous screening and hiring methodologies we assure every candidate will meet your specific job requirements and show up to your project site ready to work.

Short Term Placements

Webuild’s Short-term staffing services enables your organization to fill short-term staffing requirements on an as needed basis. Whether an assignment is as short as a few days, a week or a month; our short term staffing services allow your organization the abilities to augment staff, support ongoing projects, manage seasonal upswings or simply fill in for an existing employee on leave.

We understand that these type of requirements can be time consuming for an organization to manage; Our services make the process easy and convenient. Recruiters take the time to carefully prospect, screen, interview and confirm each candidate’s credentials to locate the best individual for your job. If any additional OSHA training or medical monitoring is required, we provide it.

Long-Term Placements

Webuild’s long term temporary staffing services have been utilized by organizations who either have targeted projects and/or reoccurring job openings that need dedicated staff for the duration of a specific project.

For these types of engagements our recruiters define job requirements, place advertisements, prospect for active and passive candidates, interview, reference check and work with hiring managers to fill your career openings for the duration of a specific project. All personnel are on Webuild’s payroll and we manage all the human resource activities related to each employee placed.

If necessary we will also work with your in-house human resource and management teams on long-term employment forecasting, project initiatives and employee management needs. Should your organization additionally require onsite human resource assistance; we can place a representative onsite within your organization.

Temporary To Permanent Placements

As an alternative to our executive search and direct placement services, Webuild offers a temporary-to-permanent staffing solution. This is a good way to evaluate an employee’s skills, abilities and performance before hiring them on in a permanent capacity.

Offering an employer, the ability to observe an employee as they perform their day to day job responsibilities and determine if the employee is a good fit for your organization over 180 working days. Providing amble time to make a final decision of whether or not to offer permanent employment to an individual.

Webuild conduct’s all the traditional candidate screening, interview activities, reference checking, payroll, and maintains OSHA compliance requirements while the individual is on our payroll.

The temporary-to-permanent staffing solution is an excellent vehicle to employ high quality individuals that you believe would be excellent long term employees for your organization, but are just not sure initially about their potential fit for long term employment.