Screening And Testing Services

Screening And Testing Services

Webuild utilizes advanced screening and testing services to assure candidates meet the highest level of competency...

Before we submit any candidate to an organization for consideration we perform extensive referencing and candidate screening activities to ensure each potential employee is of the highest caliber.

At Webuild we want to be absolutely sure the candidates we qualify are an exceptional match for the requirements of your employment opportunity. Our pre-screening procedures include credential verification, background checks, skills testing, reference inquiries, training compliance investigations and phone or in-person interviews.

When possible, we bring job candidates into our offices to meet with us personally; so we can first hand vet their skills, experiences and fit for an individual opportunity. Many times we will pare down a large pool of potential candidates and send over only one or two outstanding individuals who best meet your requirements.

We have found over an extended period of time of working with individual organizations; our partnership with you develops a strong bond that allows us to perfect our own in-house expertise specifically related to your individual organization needs and wants.

Screening Services

As an a la carte service we additionally offer to employers who already have existing candidates for opportunities the ability to utilize Webuild’s extensive candidate screening and testing procedures to determine if the candidate and/or candidates you have located individually would be the most qualified, perfect fit to your organization.

These services would include:

We want to get as involved as we can in all stages of screening process to bring to bear our extensive expertise in screening candidates. Allowing employers to utilize our screening services provides a twofold advantage by helping reduce outsourced cost per hire and achieving a higher level of success in long term employee retention.