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Webuild Staffing is a specialized staffing agency  providing employers executive search and temporary staffing agency services for Oil and Gas Exploration.

Oil And Gas Exploration professionals search for hydrocarbon deposits (oil and natural gas) beneath the earth’s surface utilizing a variety of exploration survey techniques from gravity, magnetic to passive seismic and regional seismic reflection surveys. Once a site is believed to contain reserves the site is further surveyed and an exploration well is drilled in an attempt to determine the presence of absence of oil and natural gas.

Oil and Gas exploration is a costly venture and typically utilizes Common Risk Segment Maps (CRS maps) to allow professionals and non-geologists make informed decisions.

Webuild Staffing is committed to supporting the Oil And Gas Exploration community; our recruiters have worked with leading Oil And Gas Exploration firms in recruiting exceptional Oil And Gas Exploration professionals and associated support staff for project specific and organizational wide positions.

We work with you to understand your organization’s needs, projects and diligently work to recruit and hire the most qualified Oil And Gas Exploration professionals in the marketplace.

Our executive search and temporary staffing services offer a flexible and customized solution for your Oil And Gas Exploration employment requirements.

We routinely recruit a variety of Oil And Gas Exploration professionals, some of which include;