Recruiter Training

Recruiter Training

Looking to learn how to become an effective recruiter...

Are you a recruiter looking to understand how to recruit in the construction, engineering and environmental world? Trying to understand all the niche specialties, projects, technical disciplines and how they all fit together; to recruit effectively? Well then, let us help…

With over 20 years of hands on recruiting expertise in the construction, engineering and environmental world; We have developed a hands on recruiting training program that walks you through every aspect of the most popular and challenging disciplines within these industries.

Our 3 day training program can be tailored to individual recruiters, groups and entire staffing organizations. Allowing you to develop the industry knowledge, recruitment tactics, and expertise to run an exceptionally profitable environmental, engineering and construction staffing operation.

What You Will Learn..

You will learn extensive industry knowledge about the construction, engineering and environmental industries, life cycles of projects, how individual professions fit into these projects and/or run organizations. Most importantly how to identify, solicit and recruit effectively the most sought after individuals within these markets.