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Webuild Staffing And Executive Search

Posted By: webuild | Date: January 7, 2011

Michael DeSafey, the founding principal of Webuild Services LLC is proud to announce the formation of Webuild Staffing, Executive Search and Staffing Agency.

Bringing to table over 18 years of senior level executive recruitment, operations and management experience in the construction, engineering, environmental and climate change industries; Webuild Staffing is now available for recruitment engagements, career coaching, resume writing and recruiter training throughout the United States.

With over 200,000 contacts, advanced recruiting technology and the dedication and experience in staffing some of the country's most difficult professions, the Webuild Staffing Agency group is ready to excel with assisting organizations and individuals alike around the world with their employment needs.

For engagement information or to submit your resume for career opportunities, please contact:

Webuild Services LLC / Webuild Staffing
Phone: 916-677-1428
Fax: 916-677-1478